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Topic: Declining Balance - Not working properly for subsequent years

I have been testing declining method of depreciation in FA 2.4.4 but it works perfectly only for first/current year. When we move to next year and depreciate the same asset again it depreciates based on cost of fixed asset (the cost of purchase of fixed asset) rather than its written down value in new year (cost - accumulated depreciation).

I exactly followed this example from wiki

IT Equipment - depreciated over 5 years - nil value at end
Create Class, for Basic Depreciation Rate enter 20% (100% / 5 years = 20% per year)
Create a location for your asset
Create a Category - with the correct tax type and UOM - Modify relevant GL accounts
Add your fixed asset item
Choose the fixed asset class you created earlier
Depreciation Method: Declining balance
Base rate 20% - Rate multiplier 1
Purchase Fixed Asset

As written in the example declining method will reduce fixed asset value to zero at end and this is what is happening. Declining method should never reduce fixed asset to zero no matter how many years have passed. In declining method FA is practically doing Straight Line method with no salvage value which is wrong (SL method calculates depreciate based on cost of FA every year). 

Can someone please fix it?