Topic: Build a web based ordering tool connected to our FA system

Our company have been using FA as the inventory and invoice management system. Our current process is our sale team place orders in FA after receiving orders from clients through email or phone call. We are looking for someone who can help build a web based tool for our clients to place orders directly by themselves and the orders will automatically be placed in our FA system.

Requirements are as follows:

1. The interface must be user friendly for our clients so we can encourage them to place orders through there

2. Orders placed through the web ordering tool will be created as sale orders in our usual FA system. The corresponding coverage sale person should get notified and then review the sald order. The sale person should be able to amend the sale order - edit price/quantity, delete or add items. After review, the sale person can confirm the order and issue delivery note and invoice as usual.

3. Each client should have an unique login to the web ordering tool. Under each login, we will need to have an unique price list of various items. We have over a thousand items on shelf. The corresponding sale person should be able to amend the price list at any time

4. The web tool should support multiple languages (at least 2 languages for now)

5. Clients should be able to create their own profile under their own login credentials - including company details, default delivery address, alternative delivery addresses, contact numbers etc. Sale team should be able to add/update these details at the back end too

6. The web tool doesn't need any payment gateway. No payment is required at the point of placing order on this web tool as clients will pay us separately through the usual external channels

These are the primary requirements. We look forward to receiving offers from the experienced FA programmers here

Re: Build a web based ordering tool connected to our FA system

I think many would like to see this in freely available code.

Not what you would want, but we are using the ancient web cart "oscommerce" and the FA oscommerce extension to do much of what you ask.

Re: Build a web based ordering tool connected to our FA system

Actually, to simplify the extension design, all customers must be registered in the FA system natively first before getting to use the online ordering. Their customer id can be then tagged to a separate set of tables having it's own authorisation, possibly integrated into WordPress and the likes of WP-Adminer plugin for simplifying UI design.

Simpler still will be to have a dumb insecure form with no usernames / passwords that generates a long hash code after populating a standalone table where even rubbish / unauthorised info can get in, throttled by some CAPTCHA system. One of the fields will be a user hash code in that form. The salesman's interface to this rubbish table will be to select "his" customer's records only and decide what to do. If the salesman chooses to capture it as a valid order possibly corroborated in other ways (phone, email, etc), then he can paste the hash code of the customer request record into the FA subsystem which should then populate another field in the rubbish table with the Sales order number from the FA system. This way there is no need for any username/password for the customer.

Re: Build a web based ordering tool connected to our FA system

@Sirka , I have done a bit similar system before. So i can tell this is possible and i can do that.

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