Topic: Shipping/Billing Overs (Deliver more than ordered)

This is a standard practice in the printing (and many manufacturing) industry in the US.  I am unsure if the same holds true elsewhere.   Because of custom made orders, quality control or rejection loss - over-producing an order is necessary.   

Like this, if the order is for 300 pieces - I need to print 10% extra to be sure I have enough so I don't have to go back and make a custom order of 10 pieces to fill the order.   However, it is industry standard to be able to ship AND bill those overs.   

My final order invoice should look like and work like this-

Item / Description / Ordered Amount / Shipped Amount / Unit Price / Extended Price (SHIPPED amount x Unit Price)

Would love to see this updated.  I would guess there are plenty of people not using this software due to this limitation.