Re: Release 2.1 - Recurrent Invoices. How to?

Hi nortinos

The system is on online server, and the customer's contacts are correct.

It worked on the 2.3 system before upgrade to 2.4.  When the email invoice is selected, it does not show that the email was sent. It just remains blank. I just assumed that the email was send, but even I did not receive a copy.

On normal direct invoice, it sends the email as well as on reports, Invoices, email invoice.

There must e something else wrong with the recurrent invoices?



Re: Release 2.1 - Recurrent Invoices. How to?

There are two more possibilities,
   * The email might reach junk or spam folder of your email
   * The SMTP blocked to send emails

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Re: Release 2.1 - Recurrent Invoices. How to?

Not the case. It does not even indicate that it is sent after creation via recurring invoices.
When redone through either reports or change of invoice and submit and then emailed it goes through in both cases.

If the SMTP was blocked then no emails will be received or send outside of the recurring invoices either.


Re: Release 2.1 - Recurrent Invoices. How to?

@seahawk - The email invoice is working and sent email. Probably, enable debugging mode and check the email functionality.
  Try this directly.

FA url and add  this url string, and check it


Here 15 is sales invoice number. I feel the SMTP blocks, if the server enabled ssl, the email functionality may not work properly.

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Re: Release 2.1 - Recurrent Invoices. How to?

This option send 350 old  invoices to the client.

When I created the Recurring Invoices, (Transactions/Create and print recurrent tax invoices) select the invoice, modify and submit the invoice, the option screen then gives you option to Prit, email etc. I then click email Invoice, It does nothing.

When I go to (Inquiries and Reports/Customer transaction enquiry/) and select the invoice to edit the invoice, save and then click email invoice, it sends the email invoice just fine.

I cannot get it figured out, why a it is not sending the email under recurring invoices. Will this be two separate functions, that the one is working and the other one not.


Re: Release 2.1 - Recurrent Invoices. How to?

This issue is still not resolved.

When I go Sales/ Create and Print Recurrent Tax Invoices / Create invoice with new description and date. You get two options:

1. Print recurring invoice
2. Email recurring invoice

1. Print is fine and display and print correctly.
2. Does not email the invoice at all and display no message in the browser that the mail was send.

I then have one of two options to email the invoice:

1. Go to Sales/ Inquiries and Reports / Customer Transactions Inquiry / select the invoice to modify and when finished you save and get the options to print and to email invoice. When emailed from here it sends the email and displays in a green bar confirming that email was send.
2. Go to Sales Reports/ Select the Invoice to print/display/email. Select email options and click display. The email sends and is confirmed as send and received by client.

The previous solutions did not work. I do not know if this send email in the first instance point somewhere else and not the same as the other two. Not sure where to look.



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Re: Release 2.1 - Recurrent Invoices. How to?

Pardon my noob-ness but I am _not_ an accountant and know nothing about accounting, I am an IT/programmer guy.

That being said, I am trying to use frontaccounting to keep track of membership fees for a makerspace.  Members can pay for 3 months, 6 months, or a year at a time via Paypal, etransfer, or cash.  I am trying to figure out how to do a recurring invoice for this scenario.

I want to set up recurring invoices so we can send members a reminder that their membership is due.  I see this is done via "recurring invoices" and that seems to require a "template".  From what I can tell, you create templates by checking off a box when you run the sales order inqury report.  However after I do a sales order, then delivery, then invoice, there is no "template checkbox" in the sales order inquriry report.

Does anybody have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong and/or how I can set this up?

Many thanks,