Topic: Mispresentation of items description (flexible)

A brief observation...

I have noticed that after editing the Item description in PO line entry I do not get it correctly on the PDF (rep 209).
I get some old text used for the same item, and not the changed description.
In the database the correct description stays, but not on the PDF.

Any clues?

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Browser cache?

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In fact it's not at report level, when I checked the PO by view_po.php I see the old description there too. (just like browser cache, but it's cleared)

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There must be something in the database that didn't update. Is there something in the x_comments table?

p.s. I'm not sure which report is 209. Based on your description, it is a report on purchase orders. That would most likely be looking at x_purch_order_details.description.

Re: Mispresentation of items description (flexible)

Looking at that report, I see on string from the x_comments table, and the line item descriptions are from x_purch_order_details. You may be able to see what is happening if you look at the contents of those tables outside of FA.

Sorry, if this is no help.

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I mentioned it briefly in the first post, maybe I had to give more details.
In the table purch_order_details under description the text is correct for each line, as it should be.
In this table the same item exists with different descriptions on earlier orders.
The wrong description is one of them.
When I have time I'll dig it deeper, but thanks for trying.