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Topic: New users seem unaware we have a wiki

I've noticed that new users seem unaware we have a wiki, so they seem to come straight to the forum (its linked in README.md)

Is it worthwhile to:-

1. Add a link in the README.md file in the root dir?

2. Add a link and some relevant blurb in the install.html file in the root dir?

3. Pre-populate the new post text area in this forum with a similar message as in #2 above?

4. Include that clicking on the help button in the program will  take them to the relevant wiki page

The FrontAccounting Wiki(Manual, examples, tips, setup info, links to accounting sites, etc) https://frontaccounting.com/fawiki/

Re: New users seem unaware we have a wiki

New users get intimidated by what *looks* like outdated information
Screenshots are different from the version they have
instructions from older versions leave user wondering if it is current for their version
So they ask questions in the forum ...

I have this same issues with other wikis I'm involved with. Not enough time to rebuild instructions every time a screen is changed or new version released.

Perhaps a tag on each page "Applies to versions xxx - xxx"

In any case, a big task and ongoing. No easy solution. Perhaps charge someone with regular updates? I do this for two sites and it's a lot of work at upgrade time.

Re: New users seem unaware we have a wiki

There is a link to the FA Wiki in the Readme file.

The community is encouraged to update the wiki.

The upload date of the screenshot is available in the page history that can be mapped to the version it pertains to in case the version is not shown att the bottom of the image.

Re: New users seem unaware we have a wiki

Why is the English Wiki now displaying different languages?