Topic: Inventory Movements

Hello, I am trying to figure out the "costed inventory movements" report.  I have received items at a location in another country and then transferred them to my country.  There were shipping costs, tax costs and import duty costs for this shipment but I don't see where that is supposed to entered in the inventory movement.  I'm hoping someone has this figured out so I can track landed costs for tax purposes.  Thanks!

Re: Inventory Movements

You can have the features of Purchase, cost, Material cost, Labour cost and Overhead cost.  So far we have not included the Landed cost functionality in it, but you can do it with help of journal entries. You can make Quick Entries for the Shipping, and Import Duties, which can be used on the supplier invoices page. 

I hope you can do some more research about the landed cost on FA.
Here is a reference for Landed cost development