Topic: -Reconcile bank account- doesn't show relations

Since update to version 2.4.4, on -Reconcile bank account- I only see registered Customer/Supplier relations, no Miscellaneous relations. Any information entered in Bank Deposit Entry or Bank Payment Entry under From/To-Miscellaneous-Name seems to be discarded in the reconciliation view. Same problem with -Bank Statement- (pdf/printing or Excel-sheet generation under Banking - Inquiries - Banking Reports).
The entered information is not lost, since it is shown in -Bank Account Inquiry- (under Banking - Inquiries), it's merely not shown in Reconciliation and Bank-Statement-PDFs.
How to make it being shown? It is relevant.

Re: -Reconcile bank account- doesn't show relations

Hi Nibbik,

I had the same concern. Take a look at this thread.

The pull request worked for me.


Re: -Reconcile bank account- doesn't show relations

Solved! Thanks a lot.