Topic: The new class types

Some of you have objected to the newly implemented class type definition (from 2.1.3). We promissed you a backward compability. This backward compatibility was not 100%. It worked as in the oldversion by setting a variable, $use_oldstyle_convert on line 78 in config.php, to a value of 1.
But when dealing with the account class types the new types were presented instead of the old one 'Balance sheet' checkbox.

This has been fixed in today's CVS update of the file /gl/manage/gl_account_classes.php, revision 1.6. You can download it from here

This fully backward compatibility will continue to be there in release 2.2 and as long as it is needed.

Just remember to set the variable in config.php, $use_oldstyle_convert, to a value of 1, every time you update the config.php file.

The sign converting before was done on Income and Expenses (not balance sheet), in the Reports Balance Sheet, PL statement and Monthly Break Down, and this is of course also working as before when setting this variable to 1.