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I translated FA 2.3 to Dutch (nl_BE) and it works fine.
Still some parts of the interface are not translated because they are not in the po-file.
Which parts ? I use the elegant-theme and some elements of this theme stay in English...

My question : How do I add translation-entries in the po-file.
This option is not available in Poedit.
Adding them in a text-editor does not work, probably due to lacking references.
I searched the web on this topic but can't find a clear answer.
Can anyone help me with a good explanation or reference.

Mark VM

Re: How to add new entries in po-file

When you have gettext tools installed on your box you can add strings from any additional file to *.po using xgettext command with -j option. But I see no reason why additional string couldn't be added also by hand using msgid/msgstr lines - all references added in po file after '#' are just comments for human use.


Re: How to add new entries in po-file

Thanks for the explanation.

I think I'm struggling with some kind of buffer.

If I change a po entry and reload the po- and mo-files in FA, the change does not show.
I tried to restart wampserver and to empty the browser buffer.

No result...

Re: How to add new entries in po-file


Is any body able to add line to po file?

I'm Indonesian, and need translate some part.

Agus Widi

Re: How to add new entries in po-file

You can add / modify / delete any line in the .po file and re-compile it into a .mo file and use it.

Have just updated the id_ID install language and core language strings in my repos. If you intend to use this, then change the UTF-8 encoding to iso-8859-1 encoding in your lang/ file as well.