Topic: Change certain tags languages

Hi everyone
I've successfully installed my language (es_AR), but i can not fully finish receipts form translations, y have two problems
the first one is the word "sales invoice" appears for each invoice canceled
and second is the written amount of the receipt.
Excuse my English
Thanks and regards.

Re: Change certain tags languages

Assuming you are using FA 2.4.3+ and the official es_AR translation, update your file at lang/es_AR/LC_MESSAGES/

Re: Change certain tags languages

Thank you vey much Apmuthu!!!
It works great, but there is one problem perisiting!!
"ARS: Eleven Thousand One Hundred and Eighty-Four y 32/100"
this text is printed in the receipt, Can i change it to spnaish???
Thansk again for taking the time to answer!

Re: Change certain tags languages

Read this post.

Flesh out the function price_in_words() and translate the lang/new_language_template/ file and copy it over as lang/es_AR/

$locale path is defined having the filename in line 63 and used in line 64 of includes/lang/ file.

The local default function price_in_words() is defined in includes/ui/ and relies on the function _number_to_words() also defined in the same file.

@joe: what is the standard way of providing the number to words in each language?