Topic: Release 2.1 - Attaching Documents. How to?

Attaching documents

In the Setup tab, Maintenance you can attach scanned documents to transactions. You can do that here, but you
can also do it after you have entered a supplier invoice or supplier credit note. There will be a direct link
so you don't have to remember the transaction number.

You can attach documents to other types of transactions by using the selector at the top.

Re: Release 2.1 - Attaching Documents. How to?

Joe great feature....

but 2 questions,

1. Where and how are the documents stored? (database, directory?)
2. Will there be a feature where I see a link in other parts of the program if a document is added?
(If you now attach mutch documents, it will grow 1 big list.... I would love to see a link on for example my invoice)

Re: Release 2.1 - Attaching Documents. How to?

The attachments are stored under /company/X/attachemtns where X is the company number.
I am not sure if we are going to do anything further regarding the attachment feature. You have a total overview in the attachment form.