Topic: Error running installation


I have created my database and it works fine. I then copied the files to my url:

But when i run, and fill the information correctly, i get the error:
Error: SQL script execution failed in line 13: No database selected

I donno y this is happening. my database is proper on the server side (support told me).

I have the version 2.1 installed. latest.

Please help.


Re: Error running installation

anyone ?

Re: Error running installation

I had endless problems with this.

After some searching did the following. I created the default company - normal installation. Then in the setup page I created my company using the en_US-new sql script for a clean installation.

This worked for me but then ran into a problem with direct invoicing that supposedly sould not be a problem.

Hope this helps


Re: Error running installation

ok. i am doin tat only. but still tells me cant select the database.

i guess, the database has to be named similar to the one they say ?