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hi mods,

i have now entries with items, accounts, customers and etc. with version 2.1.2 at 0_, i would like to make a new installation 2.1.3 and import all the items, accounts, customers into the 2.1.3 which will be at Table_1, where table_0 will be the demo account.

what is the process in doing this?

i tried installing the 2.1.3 and import the sql file under the 2.1.2 and it has an error, i don't know the correct way to do it.


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Assuming you only have one company, the company with prefix 0_. Make a backup of this company and download this file.
Now create a new company. Make sure it gets table prefix 1_. Use your newly downloaded file as the SQL script file when creating the new company.
And now everything should be ok.


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Will the Create Company change the table prefix from 0_ to 1_ ?

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If you use an SQL script to create a new company, the prefix 0_ will be changed to the one used for the created company. But this is only for the script files having table prefix 0_ . If you look in the file en_US-new.sql (in the sql folder) you will see the prefix 0_ . This file can be used to create all companies you want.
So if the prefixes in the file is 0_ everything is ok.


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what i did, i back up the data_0 sql file, download them and create a new company using these sql file, i got an error:

sql script execution failed in line 1741: you have an error in your sql syntal; check the manual that corresponds to your mysql server version for the right syntax to use near "" at line 7

after comparing with the file, en_US-new.sql, i add some script to my current database and it created the new company smoothly. ( i think i just add:    PRIMARY KEY  (`issue_no`)
) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ;). after checking, the newly created database has only 66 tables, the default is 70.

is this okay? but i notice the items is not imported with the database. what is included in the importing of database?

thanks! really a great work here.

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found another solution:

im using windows with XAMPP.

from the phpmyadmin, i export the data_0 into .sql file and then i empty the new company data and import them from the .sql file, which has all the items, chart of accounts, customers and etc...

i can use this solution with my concern.

the purchasing pricing works well. thanks!

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The problem with error during database restore was related to MySQL version. Probably you have backed up FA on one system and restored on the other system with different MySQL version. Changing 'ENGINE' to 'TYPE' in respective queires should help.