Topic: Wishlist

I have suggestion for new feature to upload module manually instead of copying to the directory directly. Now, installing module locally in F2.4 is really troublesome because we need to comment some checking in the install module function. Maybe if there is a feature to upload module and autoextract it and then generating module info will make it easier.

Another suggestion is to add some checking if function not exist in every UI related function definition. With that, I think we can override the function to define our own UI function, especially if we want to create responsive theme. We just need to include our custom UI function before standard FA UI function.

Re: Wishlist

Core functions are included first. Only extra functions come in from the themes. Overrides in the company folder override similar files in the core path. Hooks are sequentially activated and they are generally class methods. Custom themes too can partake of it's class methods to override the default ones.

Trying to upload a module is available using the pkg extension and the ar method of archiving that is similar to the .deb Debian packaging.

Allowing any other means of upload will cause security issues if not taken heed to in the program construct.