Topic: PHP Bug #66265 [Com]: gettext is not working anymore (Windows OS).

If you are running PHP >= 5.5 on Windows OS (WampServer) and you have another language properly installed and having problem shifting to this language you may have run into the PHP Bug #66265 and need to make the following work around:

OBS. The following operations are only needed if the above criteria is present!!

1. Find your system locale (in most cases this is en_US).

If you are unsure which system locale is default on your system, providing you have php >=5.3 installed, place file with following content in webroot directory:

    echo locale_get_default();

then point your browser to the file. It will report your system locale.

2. The FA language files are in /lang/xx_YY/LC_MESSAGES/xx_YY-*.po and xx_YY-*.mo, where xx = language and YY is country, * is optional file version.
Copy all installed *.po/*.mo files into your system locale lang folder. F.i. providing your default locale is en_US, copy all the language files to /lang/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/ folder.

That's all. Now language switching should work as expected.


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