Topic: Currencies of Journal Entry

Can someone tell me if it's possible to make some journal entries in currencies different than the default one?
Also if I want the debit and credit sides to be each in a different currency is this possible?

And does anyone know if I can download the Lebanese chart of account? I couldn't find it anywhere.


Re: Currencies of Journal Entry

Whichever currency is the settlement currency agreed upon for the transaction should be taken and the appropriate exchange rate accepted / adjusted in the company's home currency to provide for the contra. The Exchange Rate Profit/Loss account should take care of the rest.

Decide on what language you want the Chart for Lebanon to be in and if English, it can be named en_LB.sql.

1. Start by making a copy of sql/en_US-new.sql as say en_LB.sql.
2. Edit the en_LB.sql file for chart_master, currencies and sys_prefs tables data among others as suited to Lebanon.
3. Place the en_LB.sql file in the sql folder in FA.
4. Insert a stanza for the Lebanese chart in installed_extensions.php file.

The newly created Lebanese Chart of Accounts will now be available in creation of new company form.

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Re: Currencies of Journal Entry

I am living in Saudi Arabia and i am setting Home currency to Saudi Riyal and set conversion rate to US $ to 3.75 but the conversion is not happening in any of the module and i don't know the reason for that. I was trying many times for other currencies too but the conversion is not taken place against the home currency.

Re: Currencies of Journal Entry

Enable OpenSSL in your php.ini and restart your webserver.
Do not use the Yahoo exchange rate provider as they have discontinued free service.
All future transactions will be at the exchange rate you have entered.
Your supplier / customer should have their settlement currency entered and your bank account for that currency available.