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Could somebody give me a quick explanation of the Item Assembly Costs Account or a link to somewhere that i can read to get my head round what this is used for.
I'm just setting up and sorting my item categories for my manufactured items. I have had a google but most of my results relate specifically to Sage50 and I don't want to get the wrong end of the stick. I'm no accountant but I'e got a decent enough maths degree so I'm feeling my way through for my start up business. But this doesn't seem to make much sense with the the defaults... I think I saw somewhere this should be a work in progress account... that seems to make more sense.
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Using 2.4.2 in UK

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Re: Item Assembly Costs Account

The relevant Wiki pages are:
SalesKits are mere bunching of items for a bundle sale.

If you are using the UK CoA from the official pkg repo, please note that it has some field order differences from the standard en_US-new.sql Chart that FA relies on. You can fix it by overwriting your CoA in the sql folder with the one from my repo.