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Hi Folks, I have just installed the proxmox VE front accounting application.
All was smooth, updates, etc.  However, I am wondering if the default login has changed.  I am using 2.1.2-1

from the web page login:

I have tried admin/password as per the manual.   also  admin/admin  root/admin  root/password  but no luck. 
"The user and password combination is not valid for the system"

at the root console  if I input admin as the user it asks for the password, which i don't know. (it is not accepting any of the above)  but if i input "root" as the username, it gives me an instant "incorrect login" msg.

Just wondering if the defaults have changed from the 1.5 manual available. Any suggestions welcome,
Cheers, Jonnyxx.

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Check that MySQL is running first. The same screen (invalid login) appears when that's not running AFAIK.

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Hi p2409, thanks for your reply,  yes i checked:

Front-Account-156:/# mysqladmin -u root -p status                                            Enter password:                                                                             
Uptime: 42606  Threads: 1  Questions: 1  Slow queries: 0  Opens: 12  Flush tables: 1  Open tables: 6  Queries per second avg: 0.000                                                     

Mysql is running fine.

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I wonder if someone could just confirm what the user login should be by default for a proxmox VE installation login, and whether it is different from the regular install.
I thought that perhaps, the person who last compiled the proxmox installation (2.1.2-1) maybe changed the un/pw combo and that a non default may have been fixed into the application. Just a thought.
Cheers, Jonnyxx.

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We do not release FA especially crafted as proxmox application. As far as I understand your problem, the best answer you can obtain from your hosting provider. Anyway this have nothing to do with FA configuration, and probably cannot be solved remotely without admin acess.


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hi jonnyx
With your proxmox installation, there will be a default .sql file that is loaded up for your company. You could check the table 0_users or 1_users, and get the correct user id from the first column: user_id.
Then - you also have an MD5 hashed password  in the 'password' column. Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to crack that, however, you could check the contents against some known passwords - in the Sourceforge FA download sql file for instance, or you could even try (if on a *nix box)
md5 -s testpassword
Try a few passwords to see if you get a match against what's in the original table.

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Hi, thanks guys, I worked it out. I guess I'm used to installing vm's and VE's that come pre-installed, as in you fire them up and they are ready to go. I thought this was one of those because as soon as it was uploaded to my proxmox box I went to the web address and got a login screen and was also able to change the sql password from the command line.  However, What I should have done was instead of going to the logon page ie:    I needed to go to     and INSTALL it.  whoops. 

Itronics, Not quite sure what gave you the idea I was logging in remotely. I am sitting in front of the box  smile  but thank you both for you help. I'll slink away now...

Cheers, Jonnyxx.  roll

ps, this forum desperately needs an embarrassed smiley.

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Well, I thought proxmox is another one administration panel like cPanel or lxadmin. Anyway I'm happy you have solved the problem smile.