Topic: Advance Manufacture Stock Status

Hi Everyone
I am using FA2.3.5

When i issue materials against the work order the stock gets updated, When i produce the work order the stock once again reduced.
Ex :
bought item A 100 nos
item B            100 nos
Stock of A and B is 100

I produce item C using Advance Manufacture which takes 10 from A and 10 from B (Bom)
when i issue items to produce 1 no of C, Stock of item A and B becomes 90 and 90 respectively.
I produce item C the Stock of item C is 1 and stock of A and B becomes 80 and 80 respectively. ( it is supposed to be  90 each).

Is this a bug in FA or am i not working it properly?

Any Help is appericiated.

Re: Advance Manufacture Stock Status

The issue item takes extra material besides the bom. When you produce it always takes the bom items.


Re: Advance Manufacture Stock Status

As @joe said, there is no need to issue items that are already there in the BoM as they would get issued when manufactured.

FA v2.3.5 was released on 2011-06-09.

The manufacturing/work_order_entry.php file is one of the files that manages your issue and was changed marginally during the release of FA v2.3.14 on 2013-01-18.

On 2014-09-22, there was a commit titled:
Fixed stock quantity checks to block transactions which would result in negative inventory status (if not allowed).

It is possible that other issues in this arena may been subsequently set right.

Kindly upgrade to the final edition of FA v2.3.26+ for best results.