Topic: Complete removal and reinstall


I decided that after initial experimentation with FA 2.4 it would be better to do a clean install prior to actual use. The installation is on Ubuntu Server 16.04. I deleted the databases using phpadmin, cleared the webserver directory and then reinstalled into the same directory.  However when I then try to log in again from a browser I see that the default company name and a username is still present in the login screen and this log's into a semi blank screen.  Could someone please tell me how I go about clearing out FA completely so I can start again from scratch?

Thanking you in anticipation

Regards Barry

Re: Complete removal and reinstall

Before installing afresh, you will have to empty the database of all it's tables (which you have done) as well besides removing the various files that get re-created on any install:
installed_extensions.php (both in the webroot and in each company# folder) and
lang/ file.