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How can I configure FA to show branch-wise profit & Loss? I tried using dimensions but failed as dimensions are not robust enough to be implemented on Purchases.

The goal is to be able to view a consolidated Profit & Loss Statement of the company as well as three branches independently.

Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

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Dimensions should be ok.


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Thanks smile

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I use Dimensions for something similar to what you are wanting to do.  The key is when you set up the items in your system, you set the dimensions.

For example, I have an expense called tolls and I need to track how much each of my trucks has spent in tolls.  So what I have done is created an item for tolls that is specific to each truck.  Item code is TOA1234 and in the item screen you can assign that item to a specific dimension.  It might be a pain later on when I start getting to 20 or even 50 trucks to have 50 different item numbers for each item I need to separate out, but by having a simple stream line way of creating the item codes anyone can figure out which time goes to who.  I also have a corresponding account for each truck as well.

Now when I run a profit and loss report and select one of the dimensions, I am able to get a breakdown for that specific truck.

Now there might be a better way to use dimensions than how I use it now, but so far this was the best way I could come up with.

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I have adopted this approach too smile