Topic: bank reconciliation; beginning and ending balances

Hi All, Happy new year.

I have been having mostly good success with FA2.4, thanks to all those who have put their efforts into it.  What few issues there have been I have been able to work around so far, or havn't been important enough that I need to find a work around.

I have not had a chance to catch up on bank reconciliations since I made the upgrade, and am now trying to get all that done for year end, but I have discovered that all the beginning and ending balances on my primary chequing account have changed.  it's like they got recalculated or something, which I find odd because I think those should be static values that I have entered. 

When I go back all the way to the beginning of 2015, the balances in the reconciliations no longer match the values on the real bank statements, but I know for sure everything was correct for 2015.  And I know everything was good up to end of August of 2016, that was the last reconciliation I did, and I did the 2.3=>2.4 upgrade in September. 

The other bank accounts I have configured are all showing the correct balances in reconciliation.

So I am not really sure if I did something wrong here, maybe I missed something in the upgrade.  Maybe I am missing some entry I was supposed to make, but going all the way back to the beginning of 2015.  Or maybe something changed in the way things are done in 2.4 and I need to account for that?

Anyone have any insights?

Re: bank reconciliation; beginning and ending balances

follow up.  I just reconciled the month of September in another account.  I have a check mark for every entry in the real bank statement, yet, the balance is out, and it has adjusted the opening balance of this account, as well as the ending balance of the previous month.  Should the program be able to change the ending balance of a previous month?