Topic: Fixed Assets

We have been using FA for 4 years now in our Hotel in Nicaragua and are presently running FA 2.3.22. We are managing the fixed asset list and depreciations in a separate spread sheet, which is quite a hassle. I have been trying the 2.4 RC with a copy of our data and it seems to work fine. It has a Fixed Asset module by default, which looks promising. I wonder what may be the best way to move our spread sheet data into FA. The different fixed assets and cumulated depreciation accounts are already in our balance. I could do it as a series of sell and buy operations, but it would completely distort our sales (and purchase) information. Has anyone done this before and can come up with a good proposal on how best to do it?

Re: Fixed Assets

Assuming you have not customised your FA and do not have any extensions installed (other than language)
1. Take a backup opf your sql and web files in FA 2.3.22
2. Upgrade from v2.3.22 to v2.3.25+ (Git Master), upgrade any language extensions if used.
3. Run any incremental sql patches (php) in the sql folder
4. Check your config.php file with the config.default file for any new variables and include them with sane values.
5. Adjust your CoA schema (apart from the collation) to the schema in sql/en_US-new.sql
6. Make sure that your FA is working properly and take a backup (sql and web files)
7a. If you wish to stay within the ambit of the FA 2.3.x series, then install the Fixed Assets extension
7b. Otherwise, you can upgrade to FA 2.4RC1
8. Revert any Depreciation for the current year back to the asset ledger folios using Journal Vouchers.
9. Enter last balance sheet's value into the Fixed Asset register with the depreciation amounts.

Provide feedback to the forum which ever way you chose.

Please note that the FA 2.3.x Fixed Assets Extension needs some extra db privileges - possibly functions, procedures, triggers.