Topic: BOM and Packaging


We are facing another hurdle in implementing FA.  We have manufacturing process which is two stage.

1) Mixing/blending of raw materials ( A couple of raw material are mixed to get one output) to get out put . ( Raw materials can be in Ltrs or KGs'  meaning liquid and solid.

2) After the mixing and Blending it should update the Bulk Finished goods and from there we will again go to 2nd stage of packaging. that is bulk item is packed into salable small packs.

While going through the FA Manufacturing, I can create  BOM, but I am unable to add multiple materials as one BOM

Appreciate any help to make it work the above process in FA


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Re: BOM and Packaging

There should be a relationship between input items and output items like:
2 Ltrs of Item 1 is mixed with 3 Kgs of Item 2 to get output of 4 Meters of Item 3 (Item Type: Manufactured Item) packed in 1 Meter packs of Item 4. Make sure a Work Centre exists for Manufacturing. Add Components to the Bill of Materials.