Topic: Adding on the sells Invoice Original/copy text

If I want the created sells invoices PDFs to be of two pages with additional text ORIGINAL on 1st page and COPY on 2nd page, in which files I have to set this - (1) two identical in everything else pages in one file, (2) on the first page text ORIGINAL, on the second text COPY. How it looks is not so important - small in the header, big diagonal text, etc. I just need it on the pages.

I can work it around through the printer driver, but it is not in the files and it will be much better if they are generated in final form.
Thanks in advance

Re: Adding on the sells Invoice Original/copy text

The rep107 is for the invoice. Just before output of the invoice make a copy of the $pdf object. In the copy of the invoice, make changes to the invoice header where the "INVOICE" is replaced with "COPY INVOICE" and append it to the original in a new page and then output it. Alternatively create an "Add Page" at the end of the $pdf rendering and copy the code that created it into the new page and edit as needed before outputting.