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Dear All,

The process of the front accounting is good. Live scenario in our state is very different. How can I get the flow chart of front accounting to adopt our business.

Any brainy people suggest me to get the flow chart of the sales module and other which are following in FA.

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Re: Sales Module Flow chart

Read the Wiki.

Complex Sales Process

    Set up a Quotation
    Convert Quotation to a Sales Order
    Despatch the goods
    Print Invoice

Intermediate Sales Process

    Despatch the goods
    Print Invoice

Simple Sales Process

    Issue Invoice

Re: Sales Module Flow chart

Thanks for the response.

I am expecting to get pictorial representation of the flow to understand better.

Waiting for your valuable response.


Re: Sales Module Flow chart

Play around with FA, take screenshots and post your take of "pictorial representation of the flow" so that other newbies would benefit. The Maestrano series of FA Tutes may be what you are after. Other tutes are listed in the Wiki.

Re: Sales Module Flow chart

Hi All,

We are in the process of implementing Front Accounting.

In our entity there are 15 Sales branches located in different states. Each Sales branch should have access restriction to enter their branch sales only and Invoices should have a different serial number and Tax registration numbers and tax rates.

We should generate reports branch wise and all consolidated at Head Office. Appreciate any help on this.

I could be a old topic, as we are new, we trying to understand how this can be implemented effectively.

Re: Sales Module Flow chart

Normal usage:
Create separate roles for branch users and assign the branch users accordingly.
Assume that only sales returns and sales are allowed in each branch user role.
Sales invoices will all be sequential.
Restriction of invoicing of goods to just the specific branch location not possible.

Disjoint operation:
Headquarters FA has only branches as customers.
Each branch has their own FA instance with the Headquarters as the sole vendor.
Each branch will have their set of customers.
Each customer will have a different Customer ID in each branch it buys from.
No consolidation of Customer Credit across branches will devolve.
Multi branch customers can be placed in the Headquarters FA and billed from there and replenished for deliveries from the HQ to the branches.