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It would be nice to be able to have a different name on a customers branch. I have a Courier company, who we pick up from, and then deliver to are different companies. I would also like to get rid of any mention of VAT on all paperwork as we do not use that in the USA. Any help would be most appreciated.

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Make a list of reports in FA where VAT is used that you would like to get rid of and see if a mere translated string can be hardcoded (as possibly blank) or removed from it. All such report files are in reporting/repXXX.php though the header files reporting/includes/*.inc/php.

It is indeed quixotic that the default CoAs distributed with FA are for the US whilst the EU/Asian VAT/GST seems to be in them!

Re: Name on Delivered to line on invoice

I have started to remove the VAT from repXXX.php, however, they'll be back when updated..... I will go back to the source file and get that list posted here. Any idea how to get different company names on the branches? so that the deliver to field is populated with the correct name of the branch?

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Re: Name on Delivered to line on invoice

Create a reporting folder in your company/# folder and place your modified repXXX.php files there. They will override the ones in the one in the webroot. This way your will not get overwritten on any update though you will have to manually update your mods for any enhancements changes in the core.

Make the different "Company Names" as part of the "Branch Address".