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Topic: Jalali calendar

How can I use FA with Jalali calendar ?
Is any way to implement and use Jalali calendar with FA?

Here we found the jalali calendar plugin support for WordPress :


Re: Jalali calendar


Look into the file, config.php, in the root of the FA installation

About line 132 you will the following lines:

    /* Date systems. 0 = traditional, 1 = Jalali used by Iran, nabour countries, Afghanistan and some other Central Asian nations,
    2 = Islamic used by other arabic nations. 3 = traditional, but where non-workday is Friday and start of week is Saturday */
    $date_system = 0;

Set the $date_system = 1;

This will implement the Jalali calender smile


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Re: Jalali calendar

Thank you Joe!

But the Solar Hijri year begins about 21 March of each Gregorian year and ends about 20 March of the next year.
Modern calendar: Solar Hijri (SH)

Solar Hijri algorithmic calendar

Best regards;

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Have any idea to solve this problem, I will be very grateful.

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I must have some help from arabic developers. Will someone try to help us. The algoritms for the arabic calendars are inside the /includes/date_functions.inc .

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The best (and, indeed, the only reasonable) way would be to treat it as another date format. There is absolutely no reason to change how it's stored internally.