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Topic: FA 2.4 Standard CoAs cleaned up

The latest FA 2.4 beta snapshot of the en_US-new.sql and en_US-demo.sql files have been cleaned up and made comparable to enable the creation of other CoAs based on them for ease of comparison using tools like WinMerge.

The patch files and changed files are attached herein.

Some important diffs:

en_US-new.sql  - 0_grn_batch => `rate` double NULL default '1',
en_US-demo.sql - 0_grn_batch => `rate` double default '1',

The latter also has an initial statement:
SET NAMES latin1;

The sys_prefs table entries differences in the latter are:

name          category    type    length    value

coy_logo     setup.company    varchar    100    logo_frontaccounting.jpg
coy_name     setup.company    varchar    60    Training Co
email        setup.company    varchar    100    delta@delta.com
gst_no       setup.company    varchar    25    33445566
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