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We are currently about to implement Cash sale/POS functionality and want to know FA community members opinions about proposed solution. The POS model is as follows:

. Company can have multiply points of sale in different locations.
. Every POS can perform direct cash sale, distance selling, or both. Every POS has assigned location and cash account for cash sales purposes.
. Every FA user (salesman) has related POS.

If user's POS allow both cash and distance selling there is an additional selector on Direct Invoice page to switch between normal and cash sale. In cash sale mode he entry page does not contain delivery details, and all needed postings related to cash receive and allocations will be done automatically (without AR account use) when processing the invoice. Otherwise all delivery details must be entered and all goes as before.

All needed changes to user interface reflecting this model are currently uploaded on unstable fa2 demo at , although no  needed automatic allocations etc is implemented yet.
The changes in UI are:
. POS table editor in Miscellaneous section of Setup module (finally it will be
available only for admins of course).
. Additional POS selector in admin's user setup
. Cash/Delayed payment selector in Direct Invoice.

All comments - bad or good - are welcome.


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I wonder if it will be possible to design it such that in the reporting module I can find out all sales transactions made by a specific staff during a specific shift.  Mine is a cybercafe business and run 24Hr service.  The main problem is the night night shift which obviously spans two dates.

Will it be possible to filter all sales either by shift number or staff, start date, start time and end date, end time.

This is most important for us as all sales are purely cash transactions so we will have to check cash in hand with transactions during the shift.  And more so when most of the time the cash handovers are made to the incoming staff.


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In release 2.1 you can put a dimension on the sales document. You can set up a dimension for every shift and let the staff put their staff on the sales document.
This doesn't give you a sales made by a shift particularily, but you can run a P/L report for a single day for a dimension.


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In 2.1 release you can also set one POS definition per shift. As every POS has its own cash account you can track the income easy.


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To all those who monitor this thread I have been going back and forth with Hans about POSper you may want to get in on this at


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POSper is now at:

All Links at:

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But how to implement together - Frontaccounting with POSper

thank you

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Integrate the Databases using some cron job or trigger scripts on events.
POSper is a Java based engine (.jar file).
POSper BackOffice is a Ruby on Rails Web Application.
It uses MySQL database.
Discussion on using it in RaspberryPi
Support for POSper is at