Topic: FrontAccounting code repo switched to Git DVCS

As mentioned earlier in a couple of forum posts, we have planned to switch our main code repo server to Git distributed version control system for some time. While by last couple of years FA code was maintained in SourceForge mercurial repository, in our everyday development activity we entirely switched to git long time ago. This resulted in unexpected problems with sychronizing repo content from time to time, so finally we have decided officialy move our main repo under Git control.

From today FrontAccounting main code repository is available on project site under url:

For your convenience we also maintain official code repository mirror on Github:

Our older mirror at stil remains active.

SourceForge Mercurial repository will be still available for archival purposes, but no further updates are planned here. If you are using Mercurial in your development, and do not want to switch to git DVCS,  please consider using hg-git plugin for direct updates from our main Git repo.



Re: FrontAccounting code repo switched to Git DVCS

Thanks Janusz! About time.

Updated the Wiki with the info.