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We are using dimensions for job costing where dimension 1 corresponds to individual job numbers. When sales invoice are created, the entry window provide a dropdown to select which dimension (ie job number) the sale belongs to which works really great for us. But there is no option to select any dimension if we were to create a purchase order. This would be useful as each purchase order issued to a supplier should correspond to a dimension (ie job number). Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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The corresponding purchase lines are done when the delivery is done. The same dimension as the one belonging to the sales invoice is used.


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Thank you Joe for the reply.

At the purchases tab, when creating a purchase order to the supplier, there is no option to choose a dimension to relate the purchase order to, unless of course a supplier's invoice is created and a dimension is selected when entering the gl accounts for the cogs. I am wondering if there is a way to choose a job costing dimension when the purchase order to the supplier is created using inventory items. Somehow I feel I am missing something here. Thanks.

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A way around this would be to make an update to the supplier's detail and assign the dimension to the supplier before creating that purchase order to the supplier. Of course this involve updating the supplier's info to another dimension should another purchase order is required to be issued to the same supplier but for a different job dimension. Hope a consideration can be made to provide a way to select a dimension at the purchase order creation window just like what is available when a sales invoice to a customer is created. Thanks.

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@joe: Should the PO form include a Dimension field to get it's default from the Supplier and have it selected / changed by the user?

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Without being able to set a dimension for supplier purchase orders, invoices, specific products etc it's basically useless for us (as we would use this for project and customer job tracking, including tracking products purchased for specific customers and jobs).

Quickbooks has a similar feature, where you can set up dimensions, but the difference is you can assign them to almost everything.

So this COULD be a pretty useful feature if its incorporated into future versions. The potential for it to be very powerful and flexible is definitely there, it just needs a bit of work.