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Any idea how I would overcome the impossibility to enter a "0" as account group? Unfortunately this is where we (Austrians & Germans) start
(For A: 0 Fixed Assets, 1 Current Assets ... 9 Equity and Others).


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This is problem here with too strong constraint set on account groups page (basically there is no reason to refuse 0 vale here). I will try to fix this ASAP, although I'm not sure if the check is the only place to fix, so please be patient.

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This cannot be fixed without db structure change as we have id field on chart_types auto incrementing (adding group with id=0 generates record with id auto increment). On the other hand it seems to me that your problem can be fixed one level up i.e. by setting Fixed Assets, Current Assets etc on Account Class level. Is this acceptable solution?

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Hi Janusz,

Thanks for your efforts. And no, it is no problem because we have the word "Klasse" which means (not very suprising) "class" and this is exactly what you have - class 0 FA - account 0300 Buildings,
I was just confused because the demo data show the account group as account class (as a bookkeeper would understand it).
For our demo data we will define something like "VAT Accounts" "Sales Accounts" and so on in order to (as SAP explains the word) "facilitate data entry".

Thank You

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Hello all,
If you need to show a type/group number in the title, then just include this first, fi. '00 - Intangible assets' instead of only 'Intanbigle assets'.