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Topic: FA Glossary

Abbreviations, Terms, Meanings and Explanations for FA are now in their own page in the wiki. This is expected to help non native English speakers (and that includes US and all English dialects spoken outside of the strict Commonwealth) find equivalents in their "vernacular" and leverage FrontAccounting fully.

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Re: FA Glossary

Currently, in reports where the From and To form fields are used, abbreviations (DN, etc) denoting the document are inserted between the document number and reference name (Customer, Supplier, etc) or prefixed to the document number (SI, etc). The Glossary page in the wiki clarifies them.

In some reports forms, the document name is prefixed to the labels From and To instead and this should be the way forward (and backported for uniform user experience on migration).

To this end amongst others, another wiki page titled FrontAccounting Form Fields User Interface code is now available.