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Topic: Please help FA by filling up the wiki

Many Wiki pages may be outdated and / or lack sufficient screenshots and many are not filled in at all. Those users who implement FA afresh will go thru a learning curve which will be useful in remedying the lacunae / lack of information in the wiki.

Example of a page I have currently filled in is the Backup and Restore Wiki page for reference.

Culling out nuggets of information from the forum and appropriately cross referencing and placing them in the logical locations in the wiki will help everyone especially the newbies find the information easily instead of repeatedly asking for help in the forums.

Users are requested to volunteer for this huge effort that will also benefit from translations as well. This is a priceless contribution (beyond exchange rates based capability to pay) to the FA project that will surpass any donations in monetary terms that users provide (your monetary contributions are certainly valuable as it goes into sustaining the physical world costs of maintaining FA for all).