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I just installed FA using installatron. Did not find the Finnish translation from languages, so tried to make it fast like this: took empty.po (version 2.2) from sourceforge and made translation with google translation kit. Finished it with poEdit.

For some reason, I cannot install it successfully. I have fi_FI.po and files, and I chose "add new language manually". After filling those fields the looks like this:

$installed_languages = array (
  0 =>
  array (
    'code' => 'fi_FI',
    'name' => 'Finnish',
    'path' => 'lang/fi_FI',
    'encoding' => 'iso-8859-1',
    'package' => 'fi_FI',
    'version' => '2.3.0-3',

Still the language remains in "unknown" state in the language list and the language is still english.

My question is: is there already Finnish packet somewhere? If not, what should I do to get my own "fast translation" working? The webhotel which I'm using is Finnish so I guess that locale things are ok.

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How did you do the translation with the Google Translation Kit? Here is an example from the Norwegian .po file:

#: c:/Apache2/htdocs/account22/access/login.php:33
msgid "Login as user: demouser and password: password"
msgstr "Logg inn som bruker: demouser og passord: password"

It is important that the msgid is in original English. The msgstr should contain the translated item.

There have been some intension to make a Finnish translation. Please do a search in the forums. There is, however, no ultimate translation done.

You may also make a search of your problem here in the forum. It is hard to tell what else is wrong.


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Thanks for the reply Joe!

I just made it all over again - only this time I used the empty.po file which can be found in the /new_language_template/LC_MESSAGES (last time used the sourceforge version).

Now it seems to be working ok. It is just that we have too much "Ä" letters used in finnish words causing problems as those are seen as "ä" smile

Need to modify those when have time. If I ever have energy to do more official version of this I will send it over to you.

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Please Mixu. We would really appreciate if you do wink