Topic: COA GAAP US 4d

Just installed FA and looked over the COA US GAAP 4 digits and realized that doesn’t follow the standards:
COA Class should be:
1.    Assets (DR)
2.    Liabilities (CR)
3.    Capital/Equity (CR)
4.    Income (CR)
5.    Cost/Expenses (DR)
6.    Unreconciled Transactions (both DR/CR)
Question: What is the impact on FA if these changes are made?
I see this a problem since most forms that does the posting to GL would need to change as well.

Thank you,
PS: My wish is to work with a handful of programmers to develop better business software not necessary narrowed to accounting but including as such since it is part of the business. Time is what I do not have.


Create your CoA from scratch to suit your needs.