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How can i install FA on 2 Computers using same database?
as server and client

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The first thing to note is that the system is web based, so any number of users can use the same install. The user's browser is the client, after all.

But if you need to separate the web and database servers, the database settings are specified in the config_db.php file. FA doesn't care where the database is, as long as it can connect to it.

You just need to make sure the database is listening on its network address (and not only the loopback address) and that the database user is allowed to connect remotely.

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Thanks for your answer,
yes its a web based, but i am installing it on local computers using "wamp server" , so, if its possible, what should be the "hostname" in config_db.php, ?
Thanks in advance

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Hostnames are just aliases for IP addresses, so set it to the IP address of the database server. And make sure that the database server is listening on that address. (I think the default setting is to only accept connections from itself.) Also, grant the database user access from the web server's IP address.

(But I'm still not sure why. The WAMP distribution is just a package containing both a web server and a database server. A convenient way of installing both servers on a single machine. While I can see reasons for having dedicated machines for the different servers, I wouldn't use WAMP in that situation.)

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Ok. thanks again, i will try and let you know

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Use different table prefixes if you want to install into the same database. Since you are running WAMP in your own machine, you can choose to install FA on different databases for each instance. If both the Apache2 and MySQL are on the same machine, then the hostname can remain localhost or sometimes