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I want to know what is the FA use to get COGS, FIFO LIFO or Average Cost

Thanks for advance

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This was a qualified question smile
These routines were written before I took over the project. It seems to be the Average Costs. The stock_master fields are updated whenever there is a purchase. I've tried to look into the stock_moves table, but can not find anything that indicates a FIFO or LIFO value mark.
I will have to dive deeper into this. I know there are various 'schools' for handling this, but the code is quite complicated for these operations.
Probably you can help me, thanks.


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I have been used some accounting program like Peachtree, MYOB, Ms Accounting etc just to satisfy my desired about this COGS 'mystery' smile
None of them get the right answer when i get some tricky task, there always not balanced in inventory account.

Personally i love this project. I migrate my old software accounting 'WebERP' to Front Accounting right now.
Front Accounting is user friendly. Easy to understand, Easy to use. Have a great report too.

I Have a PHP skill, probably i will collaborate to this project. But i dont know what i have to do smile

OK, First i will translate the language. I am Indonesian, i will make an Indonesian version for Front Accounting Project.
Please give me a guidance.

Thanks for your responses.

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Hello again,
nice to hear that you love the product.
For translation: Start by downloading the poEdit and Empty.po files from the Download Languages page. And then start the translations. Save the PO and MO files to your country specific ll_CC (language, country) accourding to the standards. The MO file is created automatically when you save the PO file.
You probably want to see how the translations is looking. You can always do that by Installing the language inside FrontAccounting. Setup Tab.
Next time you can edit the language and upload new PO-MO files. So you can always follow your translation.
I think there are about 1600 strings to be translated, so it will take a while.

Happy translations. Looking forward to see it. When finished you can send it me, so we can put in on the download page, right?

Best regards


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Hi guys
Is any one could tell me how to edit the Units of Measure in the Item..