Topic: Release 2.3.15


This release is a 2.3.15 release, and is considered as stable. This release is available on .


  • Fixed 'page expired' prevention (white screen/warnings after session timout).

  • Fixed 'Moved Temporarily' error after login (on some server configurations).

  • 002032: user_theme() should return default if theme does not exist

  • dded email in current user class.

  • Fixed handling of undefined mailboxes when reports are sent via email; supressed duplicate errors display.

  • Changed Header_3 function in reports to increase the y-value in the logo.


  • Fixes in sales credit note voiding procedures (invalid changes in delivery notes).

  • Email of Sales Documents now use the General Contact type (fall back if no 'orders', 'invoices' contact types)

  • In case of document reference already in use, FA suggest the next number (if possible) ready to save again.

  • Partially delivered Sales Order can now be closed using 'Cancel Order' button on edition.

  • Fix of a bug in Customer Details Report


  • New report, Supplier Details Report.

  • Fixed a bug so calling the popup items (f4) works when making PO, Direct GRN, Direct Supp Invoice

  • Fixed current purchasing credit display.

Items and Inventory

  • New report, Inventory Movements, added to FrontAccounting core.

  • Included Sales Pricing, Purchasing Prising, Cost update and Reorder Levels in tabs in Items form.

  • Fixed a couple of small bugs in Inventory Purchasing Report.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Cleanup (removed redundant argument mistakenly introduced in bank_accounts_list() helper).

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Re: Release 2.3.15

There are no DB changes or config variables additions / changes in v2.3.15 vis-a-vis v2.3.14.
Just copy over the attached diff files into the FA folder.

Language strings will need to be translated from the empty.po as usual.

OpenVZ Template for FA v2.3.15 on Debian Squeeze is available at GNUAcademy.

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Re: Release 2.3.15

Great stuff ! Thanks.

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Re: Release 2.3.15

The 32 files fixed upto HG 3218 since the release of FA v2.3.15 is zipped and attached to this post. No DB changes. Just overwrite existing files in webroot down.

The patch set is necessary to partake of the latest dashboard module and theme.

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