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Hi, all:
I transfer my language (     Traditional Chinese) and about 55% not finish. When I finish, I'm planning post here.

But I didn't know how to do? Can tell me? thx!

And is there someone use Traditonal Chinese ? I have some problem about utf8 and utf-8?

I use poedit.exe in win. When I set utf-8, save it. I get Then put it to \lang\zh_TW\LC_MESSAGES. Login in and I can't view. When I chang char to big5, it's OK.

So, I use other way. When I set utf8, save it. I get Then put it to \lang\zh_TW\LC_MESSAGES. Login in and I can view correct.

But I use other languget set (ex:ar_EG, Arabic,Egypt,UTF-8), it's OK.

So, I confuse about utf8 and utf-8. What's differnent  between utf8 and utf-8?

Thank you to help me!

Re: Traditional Chinese ...

I guess the official word is utf-8. However, I am not sure if I can be of any help, though the language zh_CN (simplified) uses the charset GB2312. I have a test-copy running locally without problems with this.
I am glad that you have started the translation and please share it with us as soon as your project has majured.
Maybe other can help us. Just wait and see if any replies show up. I am also glad that you are able to experiment a bit.
Have you tried the reports? The PDF engine supports chinese without problems and it can use the adobe built-in cid0 fonts (must be separately installed) but after that the report size is reduced significantly. You can download a cid0 font on the download page. There are also instructions on how to do it.

BTW, if you want to send something to us, just use our support contact us form on the site. When I return your email, you will be able to attach files to us.