Topic: FA v2.3.13 released.

This release is a 2.3.13 release, and is considered as stable.

- BLOOMBERG added to Exchange Rate Providers and config.php fix.
- Moved access functions from renderer to current_user. They were cluttered into all themes.
- Date problems fixed and new date formats MmmDDYYYY, DDMmmYYY and YYYYMmmDD implemented. f.i. 10 Nov 2012.
- Removed commented deprecated Session_register().
- Replaced the transaction list in attachments with a pager and made the sortind descent.
- Improved error checking during extension packages installation.
- Fixes in htaccess constraints, restricting System Diagnostic view to admin.
- Fixed confirmation on ajax reloaded buttons (small fix for Gecko like browsers).
- Fixed small bug in mail class, added text/html mime type.
- Cleanup in
- Prevent 'Page expired' messages when 'Back' link is used after login.

- Fixed error message in recurrent invoices.
- Fixed error messages on Sales Groups.
- Sales Quotations and Sales Orders should not require sufficient stock check.
- Dimensions not utilized in Direct Invoice/Delivery.

- Purchase order/Direct GRN/Direct Invoice showed inactive items in item list.
- Could not insert a supplier transaction record in Direct Supplier Invoice (certain MySql versions).

Banking and General Ledger
- Invalid input description in account groups for account class parameter.
- Filter for non-zero values in Bank Statement Report.


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Re: FA v2.3.13 released.

There are 50 altered files from v2.3.12 to v2.3.13 which are attached in this post.

There are no database changes keeping with policy on minor release versions.

There are a few new and / or expanded options in config.default.php that may need to be added to the existing config.php for those upgrading. Backward compatibility has been ensured even if not done, but to leverage new / expanded functionality, it is advisable to include them.

This release is Mercurial Changeset 3106 of the current default branch.

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Re: FA v2.3.13 released.

great news
Is there FrontAccounting UTF8 version?
please I need all FrontAccounting written in UTF8 version 

by the I try to make new topic but the forum not allow me

Re: FA v2.3.13 released.

it is supporting

Re: FA v2.3.13 released.

Please refer the Wiki page.

Re: FA v2.3.13 released.

thanks alot apmuthu
I hope next verison UTF8 is default it will be the best idea for multilinugal accounting software

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Re: FA v2.3.13 released.

Since the release of FA v2.3.13, a few fixes have been made especially those that deal with module installation requiring sql updates. Attached is the Mercurial Build 3131.

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