Topic: Direct Payment

While we wait for the day we have a propper POS as requested elswhere, I think many of us who need to be able to do over the counter sales would benefit from a simple direct payment facility as follows:

1) On the screen after a invoice has been entered there should be a new link leading to the payment page. The invoice context should be carried over.

2) In the payment page the client details and amount would be prefilled based on the invoiced

3) When submitting the payment the allocation of the payment to the invopice will happen in the background automatically.

This will allow for a quick sales proces by using direct invoiceing followed by the payment screen for payment and allocation in one step. I guess this would not require mayor changes other than detecting the contect information of a invoice being present when starting the customer payment page with a couple conditional forks.

Re: Direct Payment

You can use the following:
Create a Cash Customer and set him to cash (0 days) in Payment Terms. Creata also a Cash Branch. Use a Bank/Cash account as the AR account.
When creating the Direct Invoice, you can use som fields at the bottom to specify the buyer (address fields, I guess).
In this specific case the payment is done immediately and the invoice is allocated when processing the invoice.
This is much easier.


Re: Direct Payment

Hi Joe,
This would be even better. In this case I would also have to be able to specify thepayment details as the payment may be in cash or cheque or card. Except in cash I would need to collect the refrence number and be able toi chage the GL account. So basically I would have to bring most of the Customer Payment logic in too.

My approach would in addition allow for mixed payments, meaning part with a cheque and res with cash for example, assuming you keep the context of the invoice after the first paymenmt and can chose to enter an other Customer Payment. Once you get to the Payment screen the amount due would be prefilled (now less).

Also I think the way I propose would require very few changes to the curren code and on the other hande keep the Payment logic intact in one single place. This way we do not risk to have to maintain two identical pieces of code.

One last thing I forgot in my request: After the payment is processed we would need a link to print the Invoice.