Topic: Release 2.3.9. Please update to this.

Due to some nasty bugs in release 2.3.8 regarding output buffering and incompatible static Session Manager you are kindly asked to update to release 2.3.9.

The package is located at Sourceforge .

This is very simple. Just overwrite your existing 2.3.7 or 2.3.8 installation and you are done.


Re: Release 2.3.9. Please update to this.

I have a problem with installation in release 2.3.9, I am getting everything OK in installation except installation of "extension system" which reads the message"OpenSSL PHP extension have to be enabled to use extension repository system.". Please help to overcome the issues.

I am using PHP 5.2.6 and WAMP server..

Re: Release 2.3.9. Please update to this.

Sorry , I have resolve the issues by enabling openssl php extension in php ini..

thanks for wonderful software, and will keep in touch for future review