Topic: Problem with hu_HU traslation and PO file

I'm a new user of FA. I have had installed FA on a Ubuntu LAMP server.
I use it for a new born company in Budapest.
I already setup, and configure everithing.
The problem I'm try to solve is related to the hu translaton.
Unfortunatly the one in the repository is not very good...
Some messages are not correct and some are missing.
I tried to use the PO edit, but seems that if edit a Po file and save it, I lose some of the original hu translation.
I have noted the new saved .mo file is considerable different in size than the original.
But the most annoing part, is that, is I edit the po file with a text editor, seems that there are no changes...( i'm referring at the pdf report )
I Have tried to restart apache, but without any luck.
I'm Using Poedit 1.4.6 for windows.
Any Idea ?
Cheers, Andrea
Milan, Italy