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Topic: Printing and Email of PDF Invoices/Credit Notes

Hi Joe

Please help I'm Stuck.

When I go to " Customer and Sales Reports / Customer / Print Invoices Credit Notes " and I choose " From (Say Invoice 50IV) To (Say Invoice 37IV) and I choose " email customers " Whan I Press the " Display: Print Invoices/Credit Notes" I get a BLANK Form Displaying on my Screen with NO Information.

If I just Choose ONE Invoice to Print it Does Display the Email Sent Message.

What Now?

I need to Email All my Invoices and All Statements A.S.A.P.

I can send my Invoices One by One but it will take some Time.

By the way I have not Changed ANY Settings on ANY PHP Forms. My Mail Server works Fine.

Hope you can Help.


Ok got this Working One Way.

When you choose an Invoice/Credit Note to Print you have to Choose from Lowest Invoice/Credit Notes Number to Highest Invoice/Credit Notes Number ie.

Print or Email from say Invoice 25 to Invoice 34 and NOT Invoice 34 to Invoice 25.
Makes sense I guess

Sorry Joe my Mistake.

Is it Possible to Choose ALL of One Client's Invoices or Credit Notes to Print or Email via PDF? How


Re: Printing and Email of PDF Invoices/Credit Notes

The reason for the backward numbering in document printing is that you normally will print the latest ones, and therefore it is easier to find them this way. But as you found out, they have to be select in ascending order smile
No it is not possible to only select invoices from one customer.