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Topic: Help with Setting or are the Graphs & Data supposed to show as is?


Hi All,    Just want to know if i am maybe missing a setting or if the graphs and statements are supposed to combine values into current month....

If I pull a "Aged Customer / Supplier Analysis" and change the end date to the day after month end,   basically 30+1 day then the reports seems to show the way i would expect them to show,   if look at the graphs and values in the sales or purchase dashboards they seem to combine current & 1-30 days into current,    I would assume that they should show current month totals in current ans last months totals in the 1-30 days column....   

Same basic issue if i pull a customer statement in the middle of the month,    on the statement it combines current and last month totals?

Have I missed a setting somewhere or is that how the system shows those totals?