Topic: Crypto Payment and Receipt Integration - ISO 20022

The world and accounting systems are moving to simplified payments with the integration of XRPL into existing accounting systems.

This video summarises the issues being addressed and how it is being addressed. I think this would be a great feature for FrontAccounting.

Re: Crypto Payment and Receipt Integration - ISO 20022

I have integrated Btc pay server for bitcoin payments into frontaccounting. It has web hooks and does the accounting on the backend through sql. if you are interested let me know. I was going to release it as a one click install with frontaccounting as a  docker container for umbrel. so people can easily self host payments and bitcoin node and accounting

Frontaccounting is accounting software not a payment integration. Development should be on accounting issues

Re: Crypto Payment and Receipt Integration - ISO 20022

That's great what you have done and I'm super impressed. Wish I could do something like that.

For someone like me, a one click install is all I'm really capable of. I'm just dabbling in this stuff at the moment, so I don't need to deploy as yet.

I agree that FrontAccounting should be focused on accounting development, though:

- capacity to auto add a Crypto QR Code payment to an Sales invoice would be nice
- capacity to auto read a Crypto ledger for payments received data and match AR invoices would be nice
- capacity for FA to auto read an AP email account and auto import payment data would be nice
- capacity to export a payment file to standard bank import or crypto import would also be nice

Thanks for your response. It was great to hear what you have done.