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I am trying to implement the sales person commission in my office where for every service rendered, a commission is paid to the staff who does that. E.g. I have a salon and for every hairdo, the stylist gets a percentage of the payment. If I use the sales person, how do I know how much the sales person gets at the end of the month. I mean how do I get the report show the total amount of his commission. If this is not going to work, how do I implement it so I can generate the amount for every stylist at the end of the month.



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Hope you set the break point, provision 1 and provision 2.

And if you take the salesman listing report. You can see the commissions of each transaction with its salesman.

And this report has a flaw in it. It connects customers salesman instead entry level.

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Thanks kvvaradha,

Solved my problems.